1. Fill spray bottle with water or a solution of 1 liter water and 3 drops baby shampoo.
2. Remove wheels.
3. Clean bike thoroughly.
4. Wipe areas to be Armored with isopropyl alcohol.
5. Use diagram on package and callouts on product sheets to identify which Rock Block goes where.
6. Choose a spot to start. We recommend the downtube (it is a less visible place - perfect for learning). Turn the bike over to make it easier.
7. With the backer on, align the rock block piece (trim if needed).

8. Thoroughly spray frame with water or solution.
9. Peel away Rock Block from backer and spray both sides thoroughly.
10. Center Rock Block on tube and align for final placement.

11. Squeegee or slide a finger firmly down centerline from top to bottom.

12. Begin working the piece, parallel or perpendicular, from the adhered area out to the edges. Do one side at a time.

13. Wipe all water or solution from Rock Block and frame with a soft cloth.
14. Congrats! You nailed it!
15. Now continue using your incredible new skill with the next piece.

PRO TIP: If you have a bubble, just peel material back to bubble and squeegee it out. Spray more water or solution and continue working.

PRO TIP: Use low heat (do not over heat) over all areas or allow to sit in sun for 20 minutes to cure.